Product Lineup


Suitable for piercing of weatherstrip holes, MICRO PUNCHER ("MP") is a miniature pierce unit consisting of 3 parts: pierce punch, retainer and stripper.

1. High Durability
"MP" is equipped with bronze stripper. As a result, "MP" has higher durability*1 than the puncher with conventional urethane stripper and therefore, maintenance time can be reduced.
*1:Passed 1,000,000 internal durability test

2. Reduce Production Cost
"MP" features built-in retainer, which helps to reduce production costs such as designing, purchasing, manufacturing and assembly.

3. Option
"MICRO CAM" is designed to install in a minimal space with a limited mounting surface.

5. Data
Data is available in CATIA-V5, NX, STEP, DXF, IGES and PDF (download free). Please visit our Members website (Free registration required).