Product Lineup


MICRO CAM ("MC") is a very compact cam unit which is suitable for MICRO PUNCHER ("MP"). Coil spring and gas spring types are available. In addition to the regular size, we also provide Long Nose type, which has 35mm longer slide cam in working direction, to be used when the cam needs to be mounted away from the panel.

1. Compact Cam for Limited Space
The combination of "MP" and "MC" is the optimal for the area which has many pierce holes in a small space such as weatherstrip holes. It also contributes to reduce maintenance time such as assembly and disassembly.

2. High Durability
V-shaped section at the bottom of slide surface helps to endure wear-out and uneven pressure, which leads to durability and stability (passed 1,000,000 internal durability test).

3. Options
By attaching the optional "MICRO CAM ANGLE ADAPTER," "MC" can have the cam angle up to 23 degree in 5-degree increments.

4. Data
Data is available in CATIA-V5, NX, STEP, DXF(2D), IGES(3D) and PDF (download free). Please visit our Members website (Free registration required).