Product Lineup


The FREE PUNCHCAM is an assembly that consists of a punch, stripper, cam, and a driver which includes a positive return. The FREE PUNCHCAM drives the punch, and combines the functions of a stripper and a cam. It is very flexible because it can accommodate any angle of pierce between 0 to 20 degrees by inclining the mounting surface.

1. Mas Hour Reduction
By purchased as an assembled package, FREE PUNCH CAM will reduce design and construction man hours. There is no need to design and construct a stripper or a cam. It allows you to purchase several components as a set and reduce the material/inventory control man hours.
*The machining of stripper shape will be done at customer's facility.

2. Free Angle Cam
By inclining the mounting surface, FPC can be used for a stepless piercing at any angle between 0 to 20 degrees.

3. Energy Efficient and Compact Cam
Our FREE PUNCHCAM drives the punch and combines the functions of a stripper and a cam; therefore an upper drive cam assembly is unnecessary. The driver is a simple block that incorporates a positive return. This structure enables the complete cam/driver assembly to be extremely compact and light weight you can even hand-carry it with one hand. Moreover, the FREE PUNCHCAM can support production in the stamping of high-strength steel details.

*Passed 500,000 durability test.
*FPC10: 2.3kg (approx. 5lbs), FPC16: 4.5kg (approx. 10lbs).
*Please contact our sales representative in advance for the high-strength steel application.

4. Easy Handling and Usability
The FREE PUNCHCAM adopts a structure (patent pending) that enables you to assemble/disassemble the punch with little effort. The punch is replaceable by simply removing a pin from the back side of the cam. The FREE PUNCHCAM can be assembled and disassembled at any stage of construction, modification or maintenance in a minimum period of time.

5. Safety Improvement
Since our FREE PUNCHCAM incorporates a positive return structure as a standard feature, it will provide the same return safety advantage of traditional cams.

6. Various Options
The FREE PUNCHCAM has a shank diameter of 10,13 and 16mm and suited for shoulder punch.

7. Data
Data is available in CATIA-V5, NX, STEP, DXF(2D), IGES(3D) and PDF (download free). Please visit our Members website (Free registration required).

For more information, please contact our Sales Department.