Product Lineup


DACAM is a cam unit that combines the functions of a die mount and an aerial cam in one unit. This combination enables a single unit to perform 2 different functions, at different angles, at the same time.

1. Function
The DACAM has 2 different work face angles. That makes it possible to perform 2 different trim, pierce or flanging operations on the same line at the same time. This feature increases the process capability and product quality. In addition, both upper and lower slide cams have “v-block” wear surfaces, which improve durability against abrasion and/or uneven load. The high robustness of the DACAM has been proven with the completion of a 1 million hit durability test.

2. Process Reduction
The DACAM can accommodate 2 functions in 1 operation that traditionally required 2 separate operations. This is possible because the DACAM can perform 2 different trim, pierce, or flanging functions in 2 different angles at the same time.

3. DACAM for Fish Mouth applications
DACAM for Fish Mouth application applies the DACAM functions to pierce the complete door lock hole (Fish Mouth) in 1 die without a bypass step. It consists of a DACAM, PUNCHER, and a die post pierce block mounted in a die block. The pierce punches are adjusted prior to shipment. Therefore, the punch shape is optimally adjusted to the door lock shape.

*”FISH MOUTH DACAM (FM-DACAM),” which is special type for door hinge area, is also available. This product is to be custom manufactured to the specific part geometry. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.